Books on the 7:47

The books that make me look forward to my commute.

Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests from authors and publishers, if you would like to get in touch, please contact me here. I am happy to read e-books, paperback and hardback copies, although there will always be something about reading a physical book that I prefer!

I genuinely love discovering new books, and when it comes to fiction, I read: classics, crime, dystopian, realistic, historic, humorous, horror, thriller, romance, mystery… it’s fair to say I have pretty wide net, anything with a great story! Non-fiction wise, I love biographies and books that can teach me something new.

I enjoy some YA books too, but wouldn’t say I read masses from this genre – it very much depends on the book. Sci-fi, fantasy, western and war-based books would not fall into my most-loved categories either.

My reviews will be honest, spoiler free and will state if I have been sent the book for review, but I will only review books I have enjoyed in some way. I will always aim to have them up within a few weeks and can also post my reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.


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